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What are the top rules of life that you can set for your own?

Do you think where the life is going and where you are going at the same point of view?
Do you come over with what you want from life or expect from life?
Do you afraid about future? What’s next? What really makes you happy?
Have you made rules of your life what you want to accomplish?
I have made rules that will help you to make better life what I believe to follow. You will not find anywhere. Without any delay let me start with first point.

Rules of Life

Don’t Talk about Personal life in Public
First thing is that you should never ever talk about your personal life amongst friends, parents or in public. Love life should be secret, don’t expose in public.

Never compare yourself with others
Keep in mind to never compare yourself with others; it might result in more stress. Don’t think about others, you will never be happy if you look outside. Be Satisfied with what you have, not what you should have. Keep thriving for what you want in life. Never give up!

Go to gym
Be a gym freak, go to gym regularly and work out. It makes you stay fit. Gym gives more emphasis on discipline and determination which is truly required in our daily life.

Watch Movie or TV Series and Listen Songs
Get refreshed by watching TV series and movies every weekend or some weekdays. It makes you stay entertained and stay away from busy life of hustle and bustle.
Sing a song or listen to music. Music makes you calm and takes you away from stressful life. You can enjoy music in your spare time or respite from busy work schedule.

Greet Everyone
Greet everyone who comes in your daily life. You can learn something from every kind of people. It can help you to adjust with multifarious people. Be a respectful person. Talk politely to everyone.So stand up, smile and meet new people.

Less connect with mobile and connect with world
We know our world is not just a world, but its digital world. But in some extent you should use less mobile and try to connect with world with new people, new places. Don’t be mobile addicted stop when you are outside.
Spend time with your friends and family when you have more time rather than mobile. Hangout with your friends and enjoy with full of joy.

Be happy in present,don’t thing about future
Many of us worry about the future; what will happen in future! They don’t think and enjoy the present or what they currently have. Some think about things like career, some worry about finances, better living style, etc. We are worried because we all are scared of something what we don’t want in future. If you are afraid of something then start progressing from little things. Incite yourself to do rather better than present. Start something new what you really crave for.

Eating Habits
Eat whatever you want in some extent. Don’t think about whether you are fat or thin. Some of us are scared what if I eat this which makes me fatty. I believe to eat green vegetable which high in a number of nutrients and improved immune systems as well.
Try diverse foods and that is one of the best ways to know other’s culture.

Follow your idol which you like the most
Idols play vital role in our life. Follow your idol, who can be any person in your life, who can motivate you and you can learn something new, make you energetic and enthusiastic. It’s the person who helps you in any stage of your life.

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