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Selfie: Next Level Selfie Trend 2018

Mobile phones, not just like to call someone, but it can do a lot what you want. Mobile has replaced the many things like clock, calculator, camera and many more. We usually capture a photo with rear (back) camera but new trend of taking photo with front camera with variety of poses are become popular and curious to take if someone explore new place or meet old friends.

Here I am going to talk about selfie; selfie is good when you take your own photo without considered background or downside. When you are on height then you are going to shoot down from the top by taking hand up on shoulders.

New selfie trend is flourishing in the technology market that you can never envision. If you take selfie then you think about the background you want to cover behind you that not good idea without meaning. Things which you considered are fun or thrill but it could take your life away.

Have you ever wonder that phone can take your selfie without taking in hand? Yes it’s possible!

Here you can see the video that selfie has taken the next level, which you cannot imagine

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