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New Features rollout in Google Ads as a Responsive Search Ads

Google Ads rolling out some update this year and we have seen some major overhaul recently that Google Adwords re-branded into “Google Ads”

Update has begun as responsive search ad which Google recently released, As of now google put this on beta mode.

In Display network, we already work on responsive ads which give you ultimate results, good  CTR and conversions.

But now we should be prepare for working on Responsive Search Ads to get better metrics on ad performance like CTR and Conversions.

What responsive search ads do in search ads?

Responsive Search Ads allow you to create up to 15 headlines and 4 different descriptions.

Google will test and mixing headline and description and will see which one generate best outcomes.

All this possible with the help of machine learning,   google analyze the thousands of ads performance and see which the best is for potential customer.

Best outcomes would be your primary ads

Just like A-B Testing, we make different ads for testing but now we have up to 15 headline and 4 Descriptions options to test and see the best meaningful results.

It’s amazing that marketer need to create few ads and google will handle your task to generate best results.

How to Create Responsive Search Ads?

Click on create ads in search campaign and see below image.

Responsive Search Ads


Responsive Search Ads


As you can see above image that you can add multiple headline and description according to your requirement and Google will show best one.

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