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How to Keyword Research for Business

We all searching for something, Search never stops as long as search engine have.
As we know that content is king in digital world after all, but how can we forget the keywords that related to that content.

Thanks to social channels to find some interesting content or viral content from which we come to know but without keyword how someone can find us in the world of internet.

Keyword define that what you want or what you are looking for, where you go, looking for product, services, location or exploring something.

Well, proper keyword for your website will take your visitor to right direction what he/she is looking for.

Keyword selection is significant part of On-Page optimization and one of the major factor of search engine rank.
Here I am going to talk about how to do keyword research step by step for search engine optimization.

Step 1

Generate your Keywords (your product or services)

Initially, you have to find yourself what phrase or keyword for your business which user will find on search engine.

At first, don’t use any online tool, usually we have seen people are making mistake by using tools.

Long Tail keywords

You need to find long tail word or phrase, broad keywords for your services or products. Don’t use bunch of long tail words otherwise you may be fall in panda penalty. Use the single long tails to optimize each of these.

You can find the keyword that what you are offering or selling or can take your own example to do research.

Categorize your keywords

For example:

If user is looking online shopping for their wedding, then usually what does he/she think about, online shopping for clothes, wedding clothes for groom, wedding clothes for bride, “Yes, Right!”

And if you have online store of clothes and you are selling clothes like clothes then your keyword will look like

  • Men Clothes
  • Online Shop for Clothes
  • Women Clothes
  • Wedding clothes for groom
  • Wedding clothes for bride


This will help improve your develop keywords idea and how user or visitor searches for their desire services or product on search engine.

Step 2

Niche Keywords

Niche keywords are those keywords which are related to your industry, fetch until you find prominent keyword to your website or services.

Let’s take an example for

If you have website of songs and your keyword would be MP3 Songs, if you run online keyword tool that will come up with thousands of keywords in which you have to find your prominent keywords.

Keywords like:

  • MP3 Songs
  • MP3 Songs Download
  • Free MP3 Songs
  • MP3 Songs Converter

You will find above keywords which is not time consuming. It takes hardly 10 minutes to find. Find proper niche keywords to your services or industry.

In this way, you can do niche research.

Step 3

Use Webmaster Tool

List out keywords already rank on search engine from search console.

You have huge list of keyword which are searched by user and metrics can be seen like Impression, Clicks, Position and CTR.

Search console report show you the all keywords which are already searched by users and metrics show you position and clicked report, pick your keywords which are less rank or average position.

Step 4

Analyze Competitor Keyword Research

Now take a look what competitor is doing. What are the keywords or phrases they used in their website or pages? Research on proper competitor and pick your prominent keywords.

Find your competitor by searching keyword on Google and pick first 2 competitors and do proper research for instance in head, body and footer part of keywords ratio.

Check out the title of the pages – what keywords are they using, long tail, broad or two phrase words – analyze it

Check out the Meta description – what keywords are they using in descriptions – mostly long tail usually seen

Analyze the body part – most important part of page where most keyword used, do research how competitor add and use keywords in body content with different synonyms

You can also use the some online tool to analyze competitor keywords research

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer

Step 4

Use Keyword Research Tool

There are many online tools available but what I recommend

  • Backlinko
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • keywordtool.io
  • Ahrefs

How to find what are the keywords are best for business. All keyword tools are come up with thousands of the keywords which may or may not be competitor used. Some of keywords may not relate to business or service you provide.

Tool gives you generic idea of the word what you have entered, come up with single word, two phrase and more than that. Your preference would be considered.

I hope these above steps will help to right selection of keywords that improve traffic of your website as well as rank on search engine.

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