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How to Improve User Behavior, UX and Conversion Rate

How would you measure those users interact your website in sense of behavior point of view?

How would be their experience by visiting your website; the keys points require navigation, spend more time, and browse website pages?

If your site is eCommerce (money making) then desire action should be submitting form, down load brochure, purchase etc.

It’s all depends that how developer considered while creating website and deliver the results.

Better website means better visibility and money will be flourishing in your site.

Have you ever scrutinize your google analytics and see how behavior flow goes?At UX point of view itwill show you the how the user goes from one path to another path significantly. How they take any action while they are on your site. In depth analysis must require.

There are some key factors that you must analyze whether it website or google analytics.
Here you go!

Navigation of website and Google Analytic Behavior Flow report

Website should be looks good. If user land on particular page then how would he know where should he go. User must aware how he navigate in UX point of view, site must be user-friendly not seo friendly.

If your site is services based then user will find the use case, case study, white paper so; user more likely to navigate or bowser another pages as well.

If your website is ecommerce then user can be easily find related page or related product what he is looking for.
Related categories should be found by users when he is on particular product page. For instance user land on “shirt page” then accessory category should be display for the same.

Talking about behavior flow – don’t miss

What users are doing when they land on particular page what action user takes when goes through the page?

Analyze why some of them are drop from landing page.

Analyze how many of them go through product pages

Key factor

  • How user really like product page
  • Have they found any offers?
  • Have they found what he/she is exactly looking for?
  • Another point will cover in Conversion point of view (Go Down)

Analyze how many of them go till checkout page

Key factors

  • User like you product and make decision to buy
  • User like what you offer compares to market price

How many drop from the checkout pages. There are some reasons why they abandon from checkout page.

Key factors

  • Something missing in your checkout page
  • User can not found cash on delivery method
  • User can not found prominent payment method
  • User can not sure that you are genuine (SSL Certified)
  • Other points will cover in Conversion point of view (Go Down)

I hope you clear understood of behavior point of view.

User’s Session length

I am going to talk about user session length, how user would love to spend more time on particular page. Time on page is required to identify in google analytic.

User’sengagement on page should be required.

User would like your page what you are offering and continue to browse other page and decide to make some actions.

We can see that how much time user takes to complete particular action. Like purchase, contact-us form, download something etc.

Set proper CTA to make actions

Work on underperforming pages and rework on that page to perform better.

If you have any specific landing pages then work on CTA,  Proper Text on CTA, features you provides,  benefits, case study, related blogs, so we can identify session length that user like your page and spend more time on it.

User Bounce

Bounce rate depict that how user drop from landing page. Here is same point of User Session. How your page is performing when user land on and drop without browse another page.

If user land on you stand alone specific landing page and submit the form then how would you count bounce, user doesn’t go another page

There is another strategy – you can make segment of Session with Goal Conversion.

See the session duration of visitor to convert the conversion

See how many actually meaningful engage on you website.

Try it.

Page Load Time

Page load time is most important factor for user point of view.

Have you seen that how many close your website if it takes too much time to load?

Let’s take our example what we do if getting loading and loading and doesn’t open, yes we close it at the same time without any doubt.

How you improve page load time

Get proper hosting with having heavy traffic

Optimize your images

Minify CSS and JavaScript

Browser Catching is also important

To Test your page speed there are TWO tools what I recommend to check are


PageSpeed Insights

For mobile page speed you can look into this

Think with Google

Improve Conversion Rate – Product Page or Service Page

Most important in UX point of view and most of us are get into the muddle when this question arise in front of us that how to improve and what to improve to make more conversion.

Usersgo into the depth of product page that what we are offering to our prospect. User see all things in detail like title and description, product images, available sizes, filtering option, payment method, CTA button, CTA Text, features and all.

How to improve conversion rate

  • Optimize your images –quality image should be there, zooming option functionality so user can see image in detail like fabric & colors
  • SSL Certified – make sure your website must be SSL Certificate otherwise prospect will not trust you, might be left from checkout page. It looks real if you have SSL Certificate.
  • Showcase related product in product page if user find something else.
  • Attractive product title
  • Improve your product description which covers all things what prospect is looking for. Highlight some features like Coupon Code.
  • Improve Checkout droppers – why prospect left from checkout, due to the payment methods.
  • Online support – Chat Option should be there to ask anything.
  • Offline Chat is also good idea when you are not available
  • If possible then make FAQ List, in absent of you; user can identify what he is looking for


Above are major factors which I believe &considered the most important in point of conversion, user behavior and UX. Hope you would love this and help to improve your conversion rate, user visibility.

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