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How Rakhi – Raksha Bandhan Celebrated Around the World

Rakhi is ethical of all the festivals that are celebrated in this World.

Sister’s love is paramount in the world. This festival celebrates the love between brothers and sisters.It is a sacred bond of love that keeps the emotions and feelings intact between siblings. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great joy by all the Indians residing in different parts of the world.

Sisters prepare Puja thali along with sweets, diya, beautiful rakhis, rolichawal inside the thali. Brother sit in row and put on tika on brother’s forehead and tie rakhi on their wrist and feed them with sweets and chocolates then perform Aarti rituals. In return, brother take bless by touching their foot and give them promise to protect her in every circumstance, and finally give them gifts and chocolates.


Rakhi festival is celebrated all over the world, in India Rakhi festival is incomplete without gathering, dancing, feeding sweets each other, and how can we forget selfie with sisters.


It is said that initially Rakshabhandhan was celebrated by the Rajput Women only. Gradually this tradition was adapted by all the women. In each and every part of the world Rakshabandhan is celebrated. This festival is considered as the most Famous of all the festival and auspicious also. Earlier this Rakhi was tied by the wives on their Husband’s wrist to protect them from Evil. This then distorted, sisters started tying the Rakhis to their brothers to protect him from evil. Rakhi is the festival that is celebrated by the priests too, as they tie Rakhis to their Patrons and in return they receive offerings from them.


To trace the Origin of Rakhi is very difficult. As there are many stories in Hindu mythology which are associated to this. Though the exact origin is not possible to find but still there are few episodes related to the origin.


Story of Yama and Yamuna

Yamuna tied Rakhi on the wrist of Yama (Lord of Death). Yama was so touched with this gesture of Yamuna that he declared that whosoever is having a Rakhi on his wrist and if he is promise to protect his sister will be entrusted with Immorality.


Indian History

The Rajputh Queens use to send the Rakhis to the Mughal Kings when they were on the War Front for their protection against the enemy and evil. There can be many stories which are related to the origin of Rakhi. But the most important is the purity and affection of this relation which a brother and sister share. This tradition of Rakhi has become so important that come what may brothers and sisters do meet each other on this day.


I hope this festival bring a lot of joy and prosperity to your family and enjoy with everyone and god always bless on all of you.

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