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Everything about the Curling Iron Beachwaver Reviews

Love curly hair? Here’s an insight about the Beachwaver Curling Iron

‘Everyone loves the results, but nobody wants to know the hard process. The same is true in the case of Beach waves. They do look all attractive and fancy but are not that easy to attain. It takes time, efforts and patience for it. Those Beach Waves which are regularly been portrayed on social media are no doubt eye candy! But do you know how much efforts go to achieve that perfect beach wave?

With technology scooping into our lives like a rocket, there is one more product in the market which is creating a lot of buzzes! The Beachwaver rotating curling iron has been acting as a saviour for us girls. Now any and everyone can have those perfect Instagram look with these Soft Beach waves in no time.

However, before you get all excited and jump onto buy the curling iron, here we will be providing a detailed review about the beachwaver.com

beachwaver.com was founded in 2010 by Sarah Potempa and her sisters. The company is renowned for pricing some fancy hair appliances which include combs, various hair accessories and of course it’s very famous Beachwaver rotating curling iron which is the first ever of this kind.

beachwaver review

There have been several hairstylists, artists, influencers, regular people who have tried their hands on Beachwaver and have given some excellent reviews about it. Due to this being only of this kind, it has gained a lot of positive popularity also amongst the crowd. As a result, the product in no time has been featured in various lifestyle and beauty magazines such as InStyle, people, Bazar, Cosmopolitan, Shape, NewBeauty etc. Since Sarah Potempa has herself been a very renowned hairstylist, she has launched a product which is very efficient to use.

Also, do its worthiness of money and quality, it has been successful in winning a series of awards such as the beauty awards from Good Housekeeping, Allure, InStyle etc.


A detailed guide about the usage of BeachWaver Rotating curling iron.

As the name suggests, the curling iron produces some dreamy curls in a very effortless manner. We have curated a few steps which need to be followed to achieve this dream beach curls for yourself:

  • For better results, it is advised to fake the clamps and make it face towards us.
  • The rotation is on both sides. Hence the dedication of choosing left or a right side depends on you
  • Now it’s time to finally start the Once the clamp is open, you will just need to put the end part of your hair inside it.
  • Once done, press the start button immediately so that the rotation starts.
  • The machine is quite quick hence just after 5 seconds, one must open the clamp again to release the hair.

The reviews as per the BeachWaver.com

As we have seen, the website is loaded with positive reviews about the curling machine. This was the very first model and has successfully got a whopping 5 star. Crazy isn’t it? The company is on a roll!

One of the common reviews by the users was- ‘In the past, many of them had to face huge issues with general rotating curling Iron’s’. However, now they claim to be living their best lives with the Beachwaver curling iron. As per the reviews, the product is very smooth, effective, lightweight and easy to handle. It has reduced the users time drastically.

The best part about the feedback is, the users have been very diverse. Almost every female with a different hair type has given a very similar review. Hence, it can be said that the rotating curling iron works well with any hair type.

Hence, if you are someone who has been dreaming of such Beach waves and dreading about how to achieve them, then all your dreams can come true with just Beachwaver curling rotating iron.

Grab it now!

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