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Avenger’s Endgame Review – You Must Know

Finally, The Avenger story comes to end. There is no doubt in saying that it one of the most massive releases of 2019, breaking all box office records. The Avengers franchise has become a gigantic saga since 2008 and has easily managed to weave together the storylines of 22 movies into one huge storyline, with an end for which the viewers are craving to dive in. It was an intense yet satisfying finale which came as an epic gift to the Marvel fans. With its final chapter Avengers endgame, the marvel studios made sure they give the storyline a perfect closure.

What’s Avenger’s: Endgame about

In Avenger’s: Infinity war, Thanos luckily got his hands on the infinity stone and somehow managed to accomplish his endgame- to achieve a perfect balance in the universe. He was failed at preventing, also the snap turned many of the superheroes into dust. The next part which was Endgame will show everything which would restore the order in the world. A Spoiler Alert! Compared to Infinity Wars, there is much more violence, shooting, stabbing, trauma and grief in Endgame. As a basic one-line review, one would say that the movie does absolute justice to super the hype it created worldwide. While every actor when playing their role stuck to their basic characteristics, funnily enough, the directors added an unusual funny element to the Thor and Hulk characters. Initially they do make you cringe, but eventually, you tend to like it. It was also nice to see that regardless of the extensive no. of heroes and characters especially in the final fight scene, they made sure to provide almost equal focus to all of them so the audience does not really feel they missed out on the major part of the movie.

As usual Tony Stark the Iron man became the showstopper and you don’t feel like getting enough of him, and they make sure that even in the most intense scenes, that sarcastic touch is not lost. The music of the movie has a huge impact. Every time the theme song of Avengers is played its sweeping grandness evokes the number of feelings. The movie was made in such a way, that the marvel fans showed a bundle of emotions. They cried, laughed as one of their favorite superheroes teams up to save the universe again.

With the ultimate theme of tremendous courage and hard perseverance, this movie was a treat for the eyes for all viewers. Although the movie is a three-hour long one, nobody would even want to miss a single moment of the film. All in all, the movie delivered on every aspect that was expected out of it. Even with an almost obvious and known ending to the storyline, the movie still makes you sit at the edge of your seat for a major part of the movie, purely because of a brilliant screenplay and picturization. The movie is surely a must watch for all Marvel fans.

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