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A Special Day for the Special Lady – Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Mothers are the greatest gifts in our lives. The act of motherhood is a selfless job of a mother which involves a tremendous amount of love. Each year there comes a day where we can actually pay tribute to both the miracle of the birth and to the special woman who is god gifted to perform that miracle.

International Mother’s Day 2019

Setting aside a precious day to honor our mothers has some very ancient roots. Mother’s day  has been celebrated on the second Sunday in May. If you are wondering when is mother’s day in 2019 then, This year Mother’s day falls on 12th May. Although it is not an official holiday on that the, it is widely celebrated throughout the world to give an immense amount of love to our mothers for their motherhood. That time of the year is around the corner when we honor our mothers for sacrificing everything for us, and to shower us with the purest form of love.

Looking for various ways to celebrate your mother? If yes, you are here at the right place at the right time. Here you can find 10 some ultra-cool and innovative ways to celebrate this special day with the most special lady in your life.

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2019

1. Surprise her with beautiful flowers: Flowers are something which never goes out of fashion. They are so versatile in nature that they can be used for every occasion be it a birthday, anniversary, mother’s/father’s day, or any small occasions. Giving her a bouquet, which actually symbolized the bond you share with her is the most valuable gift to give. white carnation is a flower which signifies that Mother’s Day founder, Anna Jarvis.

mother's day flowers

Most of the times non-material things can add much more value to life than those huge material things. Flowers are the best source to start her day with a wide smile and shining eyes.

2. Start her day by getting her breakfast in bed: Our mothers stay on their toes for 24*7. All they think about is to wake u early to cook breakfast for us so that we live a comfortable life. How about cooking some yummy breakfast for her and starting her day with a beautiful surprise.

Some of the Recipes on mother’s day which can be prepared easily for breakfast are:

  1. Cheese Sandwich with a chocolate smoothie: Can there be a better combination of cheese and chocolate? On her special day, spoil your mother with extra cheese and flowing chocolate. It is one of the most simple receipts to make. All one needs to do is toast the bread, add extra warm cheese (Which melts while eating), bake the bread for 2 minutes. To make a chocolate smoothie one just needs to mix 2 cups of milk with chocolate powder and put it in the mixing machine. For a fancy dressing, one add write her name with chocolate scrambles on the tray.
  2. Strawberry Creeps: There are two types of people in the world, one who like strawberry and one who loves strawberry. In whichever category your mother falls in, is a win-win situation for you. Treat her eyes and taste buds with some fancy English breakfast. Give her strawberry crepes for breakfast, also cut the blood-red strawberries into heart shape pieces to earn some extra brownie points.

Strawberry Creeps

3. Instead of buying a cake, bake a cake for her: Cutting the cake on mother’s day is an old tradition. However, this time instead of going through a short of buying a cake, bake a yummy cake for her. Dedicate all the time of the day for her. Here is an amazing recipe of a delicious cake for your mother:

  • Chocolate Mousse cake: Who does not love chocolate? Make the mother’s day as the cheat day for your mother and spoil her with overloaded chocolate. Just take some chocolate and melt it in the boiler, and don’t forget to add sugar to give a sweet taste. After that, add the egg yolks and vanilla and beat the batter properly. Take a loaf pan and line it with multicolored gems. See? It is that simple.
    On this mother’s day, give your mother the sweetest things you can.

4. Surprise her with Self-made cards: In a world full of internet and social media, we forget the power of self-made things, especially cards. Surprise your mom on this Mother’s day with a customized card to give a very personal touch. You can mention her entire journey of the motherhood process and thank her for her selfless love and sleepless nights which she has spent with you for your comfort. Let her get those tears of joy by looking at a beautiful card. Mothers genuinely love heart such homemade things.

5. Give your Mom a beautiful pendant of your birthstone: Your birth was the biggest gift to your mother and she will cherish that day till her last breath. Having you close by her side 24*7 could be her ultimate happiness. Why not give your mother a beautiful pendant in the form of stone of your birth sign. This will fill her heart with the utmost love and gratitude. It will give her a feeling of you being near to her when you’ll be miles away. She will always think her dearest child is close to her, and this will give her more power.

6. Compose, Write and sing a song for her: Music is one of the perfect ways to have a heart to heart connection. This mother’s day, compose and write a very thankful song for her, and sing it live for her as soon as she wakes up in the morning. What better way to start a morning by listening to your child singing a song for you. There is no better gift for a mother, that her child truly accepting her hard-earned efforts. Mother’s day is the day when you can thank your mother for all her handwork and selfless love she has invested in you. It is that time of the year when you let her know how grateful you are to her for each and everything she has done for you.

8. Take her out to her favorite restaurant: Instead of your mother compromising on her choices and going for lunches to places as per your whims and fancies, it is the day to take your mom out to her favorite place. Take her to that place which she absolutely freaks out in. Treat her with her favorite meal of the day.

9. Make a video of all her funny and emotional moments: In the world full of pictures today, everyone has tons and tons of pictures of each other. Make a video for your mother which shows clipping of her various moments, try and put each and every picture captured. Nothing like going back in time and re-living everything again. Instead of buying her expensive things, invest your time in making a very thoughtful video. Your mother will surely adore this gift.

10. Design a garden full of herbs: If your mother is someone, who really enjoys cooking, then a herb garden will be the idle gift for her. Design a fancy yet natural herb garden for her, and show it to her as soon as she wakes up. This garden will make her day.

Gifts on Mother’s Day 2019

Make Homemade gifts for her: Just one day in a year, kick the social media and hug the homemade traditional things which actually matter. Every mother adores it when her child makes something for her with his or her own hands. The thing can be as small as possible that does not really count. There are some very easy and creative ideas for homemade gifts, which are:

  1. Gift Jars: Mason Jars with loads if pictures of your mother and yours together can make your mother’s day very special.
  2. Lavender Sachets: Make a sweet smelling Lavender Sachets filled with herbs for your mother. Tuck the Lavender sachet below her pillow for a fresh smell throughout. Make your mother wake up in the morning with a very positive and a great smell.

On mother’s day, try and give your mother each and everything she loves and adores. From the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep, make her feel special and take up all the responsibilities. Let your mother know that she does deserve a break from this hustle bustle life, and you are there to make her life super comfortable. Cook for her, give her cards, giver her homemade gifts, bake a cake, make a video for her, take her out to her favorite place and there is so much more to do in just 24 hours. Although we should celebrate our mothers, not just for one day in the entire year, they deserve to be celebrated every day

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